Acupuncture Pop-up Clinic, Sheffield

Affordable, Effective relief for Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety Relief in Sheffield // Following the success of the last pop-up, I have been asked to host another to accommodate those patients that were unable to book in to the last clinic day. Join me back at Unity Yoga Sheffield in this unique acupuncture pop-up clinic setting, offering multi-(yoga)-bed treatments. Relax and indulge in 30 minutes of mental and physical respite in this urban retreat space.

This is great treatment option if:

// you would like to try acupuncture for the first time

// you would like some mental respite from the stresses of your day-t0-day life

// you are struggling with stress & anxiety and the physical/emotional symptoms that often come along with that e.g. low moods, IBS, skin conditions, pain etc.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to stress and anxiety is to balance the flow of Qi or energy through meridian lines in your body. Each energy line and emotion is linked to an organ, for example; your Liver energy is tied to anger, Spleen energy to excessive worry, Kidney to fear, and Lung to grief and anxiety. Acupuncture seeks to restore any imbalance by inserting fine needles into key energy points around your body.

In this pop up, multi (yoga) bed acupuncture clinic, you’ll receive a simple, relaxing yet powerful 20 minute treatment that offers you respite from the stresses of modern living.

What to Expect

You will lie fully clothed on one of our yoga mat beds, made comfortable with blankets, bolsters and blocks. You will be offered a short consultation by myself to ensure the treatment is tailored specifically to your needs. This is then followed by a deeply relaxing and effective acupuncture session, resting for 20-30 minutes. Warming herbal teas will be served after your treatment.

Before the treatment, I will personally send you an initial consultation form for you to fill out. Please send it back to me by email or print it out and bring it with you on the day.


Instinctive Health Yoga Studio

150/153, First floor Carver House
Carver Street
Sheffield city centre
S1 4FS


Please book your appointment on the EventBrite page, where you will be asked what time slot you would like. Please get in touch if there are no appointments left as I will be operating a waiting list should I receive any cancellations. Or simply get in touch to register your interest for any future events 🙂

The Unity Yoga Studio is located in the heart of Sheffield City Centre, directly above Freshmans & Pop World. ​Simply head to Carver House, look for ‘Unity Yoga’ on the intercom and give us a bell. There will be an A-Board sign outside, directing you to the studio & Sophia will also be there to greet you with a warming cup of tea. On-street parking in the area is available at a small cost and there is also a large car park directly opposite (ÂŁ2 for 2 hours). Please arrive in good time to ensure you can find a spot.

Please wear light, comfortable clothing that can easily be rolled up if necessary. Ensure that you are well hydrated and have had something to eat that morning

ÂŁ15 for 30 minutes.

Absolutely 🙂 Please just give me as much notice as possible as the new patient will have to fill out an intake form so that I can create an effective, personalised treatment plan for him/her.

There will be no refund offered, however, if you are unable to attend then the ÂŁ10 for treatment may be used against a full treatment at my private practice in Broomhill (The Osteopathic Practice) or Nether Edge (The Stillpoint Practice). This must be booked within 30 days of the pop-up event.

Multi-bed treatments are typically conducted with up to 4-8 other people in the same, spacious room. This is a fun and dynamic approach to acupuncture treatment, popular in the East, whereby you can lay back in total relaxation or engage with other patients in the room.

There will be two needles that go near the ear, and another two points will be used on your lower arm/hand or lower leg/foot. This depends on what you report to be the problem in your patient intake form.

Yes. Certain styles like Japanese acupuncture use needles that do not break the skin or are inserted extremely lightly. Acupuncture needles are very much finer than the needles used for injections and blood tests. You may not even feel them penetrate the skin and once in place they are hardly noticeable.

Acupuncture needles are so fine that most people don’t feel them being inserted. It is normal to feel a mild tingle or dull ache as the acupuncturist adjusts the needle to direct Qi. While the needles are in place most people feel deeply relaxed which can continue after they are removed.

Watch this simple video demonstrating how little you feel when receiving acupuncture.

Occasionally a small bruise can appear at a needle site. Sometimes people can feel dizzy or tired after a treatment but this passes quickly.

Watch this simple video explaining more.

You are likely to feel relaxed and calm. If the treatment has been particularly strong you may feel tired or drowsy and it is worth bearing this in mind if you plan to drive or use any other machinery soon afterwards.

Acupuncture is one of the safest medical treatments, both conventional and complementary, on offer in the UK.

Two surveys conducted independently of each other and published in the British Medical Journal in 2001 concluded that the risk of a serious adverse reaction to acupuncture is less than 1 in 10,000. This is far less than many orthodox medical treatments.

One survey was of traditional acupuncturists and the other of doctors who practise acupuncture. A total of 66,000 treatments were reviewed altogether, with only a handful of minor and transient side effects recorded.

A 2003 survey of 6,000 patients of acupuncture produced almost identical figures.

There are very few side effects from acupuncture when practised by a fully qualified practitioner of traditional acupuncture. Any minor side effects that do occur, such as dizziness or bruising around needle points, are mild and self-correcting.

When you receive treatment from a BAcC registered acupuncturist you can be confident that your wellbeing and safety is at the heart of everything your practitioner does. The following assurances are BAcC standard:

  • BAcC members have completed a first-degree-level training or equivalent in traditional acupuncture including substantial elements of western anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • your BAcC acupuncturist will record all relevant details of your health condition and your medical history before treatment commences. Occasionally, based on this information, he or she may refer you to your GP for further investigation or medical treatment
  • your BAcC acupuncturist uses only pre-sterilised single-use needles which are safely disposed of after your treatment
  • all treatments are carried out in accordance with exemplary professional standards developed by the British Acupuncture Council and detailed in the BAcC Codes of Safe Practice and of Professional Conduct
  • the treatment room and all equipment must conform to standards laid out in the BAcC Code of Safe Practice and in nearly all cases have also been approved by local authority environmental health officers
  • BAcC members have full medical malpractice and public/product liability insurance cover.

The BAcC is aware of the practice of self-needling, especially for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and are taught limited but effective treatment to minimise the side-effects of the drug therapy. However, some places now appear to routinely hand out needles to patients for the purpose of self-treatment at home. The BAcC has considerable reservations about the widespread use of self-needling unless patients are properly taught how to avoid injury by using equipment which is appropriate for self-treatment and how to maintain rigorous health and safety standards for their own protection and for the protection of their families. Treatment from a properly trained and qualified practitioner is the best guarantee of safe and effective treatment.

Unity Yoga Sheffield is a yoga studio based in the heart of Sheffield city centre. This little hidden haven opened in Spring 2016 by​ co- founders; Sophia Senior, Lydia Ainscough and Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, built on friendship and a passion to share yoga.

Unity Yoga Sheffield is a space for growth, change and relaxation; a haven in the heart of the city. Together, these yogi’s hope that within these walls they can provide you with a place that you feel happy and comfortable to practise yoga and be inspired by the other events and offerings in their schedule.